How to Withdraw Hamster Token Airdrop to Your Wallet and Bank Account 2024

Ultimate Guide to Crypto Riches: Withdraw Hamster Token Airdrop with Ease!

This blog will discuss how to withdraw Hamster token airdrop into your wallet and bank account.

Withdraw Hamster Token Airdrop: Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Accessing the Hamster Coin Interface

First, open the Hamster Coin interface on your screen. At the bottom right, you will see ‘Airdrop Coin.’ Click on it.

Step 2: Connecting Your TON Wallet

After clicking ‘Airdrop Coin,’ you will see an option to connect your ‘TON wallet.’ You must connect your ‘TON wallet‘ to receive Hamster tokens. Click on the option to connect, and then you will see ‘Open wallet in Telegram.’ Click on this option.

Important: Do not share your email, keyphrase, or password at any time to avoid the risk of theft.

Once your ‘TON wallet’ is connected, you will see a checkmark sign. If your ‘TON wallet’ is already created, it will appear like this. If you haven’t created a ‘TON wallet’ in Telegram, it will ask for your email and passcode. You can easily create a ‘TON wallet’ and connect it to the Hamster BOT.

Step 3: Ensuring You Have TON Coins for the GAS Fee

You need to ensure that you have TON coins in your account for the ‘GAS fee’ required for transactions. Similar to bank transaction fees, you will need approximately 0.5-1 TON coin in your ‘TON wallet’ to claim Hamster coins.

Step 4: Buying TON Coins

In the video, you will see multiple options to buy ‘TON’ coins. Select your country’s currency and buy about 1 TON. You can buy it via UPI, credit card, or bank transaction.

Waiting for Hamster Coin Listing

Now, we need to wait for Hamster Coin’s listing date. To see the date, you can watch our video.

Step 2: Trading on an Exchange

Creating an Account on an Exchange

You need to take your tokens to an exchange to buy or sell them. Create an account on exchanges like Binance or ByBit. The links are in the description. Open an account and complete the KYC process.

Trading Your Tokens

After completing the KYC process, you can buy and sell the tokens received from ‘Hamster Kombat.’ Convert them to USDT or your local currency and withdraw to your bank account.

Additional Tip: Converting Hamster Coins to TON or USDT

You can also convert Hamster coins to ‘TON’ or USDT using the ‘Exchange’ option in the ‘TON wallet.’ Sell the tokens for ‘TON coins’ or ‘USDT’ and then use P2P to sell them and get the money in your account. Share your thoughts on this trick in the comments.

Demonstrating with NOT Token Airdrop: Withdraw Hamster Token

Now, let’s go through the process using the ‘NOT’ coin airdrop, which is similar to Hamster Token.

Step 1: Accessing NOT Coin in Your Wallet

In the video, you will see ‘NOT coin’ in your wallet. Click on ‘NOT coin’ to see options like send, receive, and exchange. Click on the ‘send’ option.

Step 2: Finding the Exchange Address

Go to exchanges like ‘Binance’ or ‘ByBit’ and search for ‘NOT coin.’ Check the receive option there. You will get an address to copy. Select the chain, either ‘TON’ or ‘TRC20.’

Step 3: Sending NOT Coin to the Exchange

Return to the ‘TON wallet’ and paste the copied address in the send option. Carefully select the ‘TON chain’ or ‘TRC20 chain’ and press the send button. After following the process, ‘NOT coins’ will appear in your Binance account. Sell them for USDT and withdraw them to your account.

Note: Be very careful with the address and chain selection to ensure your USDT reaches the exchange.

Here is the video for Hamster t0ken listed on ByBit exchange:


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