Should You Invest Time in Hamster Token or Pixelverse Token? 2024

Is Pixelverse the Next Big Thing? Find Out Why Hamster Token Might Be Left Behind!

In today’s blog, we will discuss whether you should invest your time in Hamster Token or switch to Pixelverse Token for maximum profit.

Listing Announcement

As of now, there have been no announcements from Hamster about the listing date. Similarly, Pixelverse has not made any announcements regarding which exchanges will list them or the listing dates.

Comparison of Airdrops

To determine whether Hamster Token or Pixelverse Token will provide better airdrops, you need to understand their:

No project can grow without excelling in these five areas.

  • Community
  • Roadmap
  • Funding from big investors
  • Collaboration with big names
  • Project strength

Community Comparison

Both tokens are based on the TON chain, and their hype is gradually increasing. However, the important thing is how much profit we can make from this hype.

Hamster Token Community

As you can see, the Hamster community on Telegram has grown to approximately 49 million members. On YouTube, Hamster has about 32 million subscribers, and their Twitter account has about 11 million followers. This strong community support can help the token get listed on major exchanges. However, their website doesn’t look very impressive and lacks detailed information.

Hamster token community on Telegram has grown to approximately 49 million members.

Pixelverse Token Community

The Pixelverse community on Telegram has reached around 10 million members, and their YouTube channel has about 711 thousand subscribers. On Twitter, Pixelverse has around 2.6 million followers. While these numbers are lower than Hamster’s, Pixelverse also has a strong chance of being listed on major exchanges. Additionally, their website has a better interface compared to Hamster’s.

Pixelverse token community on Telegram has reached around 10 million members

Verdict on Community

In terms of community, Hamster Token has a clear advantage over Pixelverse. Hamster’s community size is much larger.

Roadmap Comparison

Every project shares its plans through a roadmap and follows it to complete tasks within a set timeframe. This attracts interest from big investors.

Hamster Token Roadmap

Hamster’s roadmap starts from March 2024 but doesn’t show much detail. The website also doesn’t give the impression of a highly hyped project, and they haven’t uploaded a whitepaper yet.

Pixelverse Token Roadmap

Pixelverse’s website has a much better interface, suitable for a gaming ecosystem. While the roadmap is not visible, the site does have a Pixelverse Lite Paper, an important document for any project. The website looks promising and showcases a detailed future gaming interface.

Funding and Collaboration

Funding and Collaboration of Hamster Token

There is no information about funding or big investors on Hamster’s website or Telegram channel. They only display logos of some major exchanges.

Hamster Token of Pixelverse Token

Pixelverse, on the other hand, has partnerships with big names like Trust Wallet, Safepal Wallet, and Kyros. Angel investors include notable figures like Sebastien (Co-Founder & COO of SandboxGame) and Johnson Yeh (Founder of AmbrusStudio). Lead investors include Delphi Ventures, Merit Circles, and Bitscale. Affiliate partners feature almost all major exchanges.

Project Strength

Project Strength of Hamster Token

Hamster’s website does not provide full project details, which might be available in the future.

Project Strength of Pixelverse Token

Pixelverse continuously updates its gaming project, making it a promising contender in the future gaming industry.


We have discussed both projects in detail. Hamster Token has a larger community, but Pixelverse excels in other areas like website interface, funding, and collaboration. With strong community support, Hamster Token might attract big investors and update its website soon.

Both tokens are expected to provide good airdrops. What do you think about these projects? Share your thoughts in the comments. See you in the next blog!

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