One-Month Technical Analysis of NOT Price Prediction 24

Explosive Gains Ahead? Inside the One-Month Surge of NOT Price Prediction 24

In this report, we will conduct a one-month analysis of NOT’s price movements, utilizing technical indicators and news sentiment to determine the reasons behind the observed trends. By analyzing these factors, we aim to provide insights into the market dynamics and potential drivers influencing the price of NOT.

Price Movements

During the analyzed period, the price of NOT showed a significant increase. It started at $0.006525 and ended at $0.012117. This upward movement indicates a substantial rise in value for NOT.

Technical Indicators for NOT Price Prediction

Trend Analysis

The trend analysis for NOT is currently LONG. This means the outlook for the token is positive. A long trend suggests that the market sentiment is generally bullish, meaning people expect the price to keep going up.

Major Holders Positioning

Data from top crypto exchanges shows that the long/short ratio for NOT is 1.4:1. This means there are more long positions than short positions. Major holders seem to have a positive sentiment towards NOT, which supports the bullish trend.

Currency Funding Rate

The currency funding rate for NOT is 0.00025639. A positive funding rate indicates there is higher demand for long positions in perpetual contracts. This adds strength to the long side of the market.

Support and Resistance Levels

The latest BOLL (Bollinger Bands) support price for NOT is $0.002644, while the BOLL resistance price is $0.00973. These levels help predict potential price movements. When the price moves above the resistance level, it indicates bullish momentum.

Market Sentiment on NOT Price Prediction

The Market Sentiment Index for NOT is 73, which is categorized as “Greed.” This means that the market participants are feeling positive and are more willing to take risks. This sentiment often leads to more bullish positions.

Technical Indicators Analysis for NOT Price Prediction 24

Neutral Indicators

  • MACD: The MACD indicator did not show any specific pattern during the analyzed period.
  • EMA BREAK: The EMA BREAK indicator also did not exhibit any clear pattern.
  • BOLL: The BOLL indicator did not indicate any specific pattern during the analyzed period.
NOT Price prediction - KDJ Ananlysis

Bearish Indicators

  • KDJ: The KDJ indicator showed a Death Cross pattern, which is a bearish signal. This means there might be a reversal in the upward trend, indicating a possible downward price movement.
  • RSI: The RSI indicator suggested that NOT was in the overbought territory during the analyzed period. This means the price might correct or consolidate.

News Sentiment Analysis

The report does not provide specific information about news sentiment related to NOT during the analyzed period. Therefore, we cannot analyze how news might have affected the price movements.


Based on the analysis of technical indicators and market sentiment, NOT experienced a bullish trend during the one-month period. The positive long/short ratio, currency funding rate, and market sentiment index indicate a favorable sentiment among investors. However, some bearish indicators, like the KDJ Death Cross and RSI overbought condition, suggest a potential reversal or correction in the price. Further analysis of news sentiment could provide additional insights into the reasons behind the observed trends.

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