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Are you an avid Candy Crush player looking to enhance your gameplay? If so, you’ve come across the Candy Crush Piggy Bank feature. This unique in-game mechanism allows players to collect valuable rewards while enjoying their favorite match-three puzzles. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the Candy Crush Piggy Bank, from how it works to tips for filling it faster. So, let’s dive in and uncover the secrets behind this delightful feature!

What is the Candy Crush Piggy Bank?

The Candy Crush Piggy Bank is a virtual container within the game that accumulates rewards as you progress through levels. It acts as a piggy bank, allowing you to store these rewards until you can break it open and claim your goodies. It’s an exciting addition to the game that keeps players engaged and motivated to reach higher levels.

How does the Piggy Bank work?

As you play Candy Crush, you’ll come across gold bars as rewards for completing levels. However, instead of immediately receiving these gold bars, they are deposited into your Piggy Bank. The Piggy Bank has a maximum capacity, and once it’s complete, you can choose to break it open and enjoy the rewards.

Advantages of the Candy Crush Piggy Bank

The Piggy Bank offers several advantages that can enhance your Candy Crush experience. Firstly, it provides an additional incentive to keep playing and progressing through levels. Knowing that each completed level contributes to filling up your Piggy Bank can be highly motivating.

Secondly, the Piggy Bank acts as a storage unit for your rewards. Rather than receiving gold bars immediately, you can accumulate them in the Piggy Bank, allowing for more significant rewards once you decide to break it open.

Unleash the Power of the Candy Crush Piggy Bank: Unlock Rewards and Boost Your Gameplay

How to unlock the Piggy Bank

Unlocking the Piggy Bank requires a collective effort from the Candy Crush community. When enough players fill their individual Piggy Banks, a communal goal is achieved, and the Piggy Bank becomes available for purchase. It’s a collaborative effort that adds a sense of community and excitement to the game.

Tips and strategies to fill the Piggy Bank faster

Filling the Piggy Bank may take some time and effort, but you can accelerate the process with the right strategies. Here are a few tips to help you fill your Piggy Bank faster:

Take advantage of events and special offers

Candy Crush often hosts special events and offers that reward bonuses or faster progression. Watch for these events and take full advantage to fill your Piggy Bank more quickly.

Connect with friends and send/receive lives

Connecting your Candy Crush account to Facebook allows you to play with friends. Sending and receiving lives from friends helps you continue playing when you run out of lives and contributes to filling your Piggy Bank.

Maximize Your Candy Crush Experience with the Piggy Bank: Unlocking Rewards and Advantages

Utilize boosters strategically

Boosters can help you complete challenging levels with ease. By using boosters strategically, you can progress through levels more efficiently, earning gold bars and filling your Piggy Bank in the process.

Rewards and benefits of breaking the Piggy Bank

Breaking open the Piggy Bank is a rewarding experience. Once you’ve accumulated enough gold bars, you can unlock the Piggy Bank and claim the rewards. These rewards can include boosters, extra lives, or other in-game advantages that enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many gold bars can the Piggy Bank hold?

The Piggy Bank can hold up to 60 gold bars.

Can I unlock the Piggy Bank multiple times?

Once you’ve broken the Piggy Bank and claimed your rewards, you can start filling it again for future unlocks.

Are the rewards in the Piggy Bank random?

The rewards you receive from the Piggy Bank are predetermined and not random. However, the specific rewards may vary from player to player.

Can I purchase gold bars directly instead of filling the Piggy Bank?

If you wish to bypass the Piggy Bank and instantly acquire gold bars, you can purchase them directly within the game.

What happens if I don’t break the Piggy Bank?

If you choose not to break the Piggy Bank, it will remain intact until you decide to unlock it. However, you can accumulate additional gold bars once it’s empty.

Can I transfer gold bars from one device to another?

Unfortunately, gold bars accumulated in the Piggy Bank are device-specific and cannot be transferred between devices.

Can I use gold bars to purchase boosters?

Gold bars can be used to purchase boosters, extra moves, or other in-game advantages to help you overcome challenging levels.

Is the Piggy Bank available in all versions of Candy Crush?

Yes, the Piggy Bank feature is available across various versions of Candy Crush, including the original and its different spin-off games.

What happens if I reinstall the game or switch to a new device?

If you reinstall the game or switch to a new device, your progress and Piggy Bank rewards can be restored by connecting your Candy Crush account to the new installation or device.

Are there any time restrictions for unlocking the Piggy Bank?

No, there are no time restrictions for unlocking the Piggy Bank. You can take as long as you need to fill it up and break it open.


The Candy Crush Piggy Bank is a fantastic addition to the game, providing players a unique way to earn and collect rewards. By strategically filling the Piggy Bank and breaking it open at the right time, you can enhance your gameplay and enjoy various advantages within the game. So, keep playing, follow the tips shared in this article, and unlock the full potential of the Candy Crush Piggy Bank!

Frequently Asked Questions

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