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Multiple Choice Questions on Fundamentals of Nursing | Objective Questions | Fundamentals of Nursing Quiz | MCQ

1 >>Erik John Senna, Told Nurse Budek ” I don’t want to that, I don’t want that thing.. that’s too painful!” Which of the following response is NON THERAPEUTIC ?

  • (C) “Are you telling me you don’t want this injection?”
  • (D) “Why are you so anxious? Please tell me more about your feelings Erik”

2 >>Legrande De Salvaje Y Cobrador La Jueteng, was caught by the bacolod police because of his illegal activities. When he got home after paying for the bail, He shouted at his son. What defense mechanism did Mr. La Jueteng used? ?

  • (A) Restitution
  • (B) Projection
  • (C) Displacement
  • (D) Undoing

3 >>Later that day, he bought his son ice cream and food. What defense mechanism is Legrande unconsciously doing? ?

  • (A) Restitution
  • (B) Conversion
  • (C) Redoing
  • (D) Reaction formation

4 >>Crisis is a sudden event in ones life that disturbs a person’s homeostasis. Which of the following is NOT TRUE in crisis? ?

  • (A) The person experiences heightened feeling of stress
  • (B) Inability to function in the usual organized manner
  • (C) Lasts for 4 months
  • (D) Indicates unpleasant emotional feelings

5 >>Which of the following is a characteristic of crisis? ?

  • (A) Lasts for an unlimited period of time
  • (B) There is a triggering event
  • (C) Situation is not dangerous to the person
  • (D) Person totality is not involved

6 >>Levito Devin, The Italian prime minister, is due to retire next week. He feels depressed due to the enormous loss of influence, power, fame and fortune. What type of crisis is Devin experiencing? ?

  • (A) Situational
  • (B) Maturational
  • (C) Social
  • (D) Phenomenal

7 >>Estrada, The Philippine president, has been unexpectedly impeached and was out of office before the end of his term. He is in what type of crisis? ?

  • (A) Situational
  • (B) Maturational
  • (C) Social
  • (D) Phenomenal

8 >>The tsunami in Thailand and Indonesia took thousands of people and change million lives. The people affected by the Tsunami are saddened and do not know how to start all over again. What type of crisis is this? ?

  • (A) Situational
  • (B) Maturational
  • (C) Social
  • (D) Phenomenal

Objective Questions | Fundamentals of Nursing Quiz | MCQ

9 >>Which of the following is the BEST goal for crisis intervention? ?

  • (A) Bring back the client in the pre crisis state
  • (B) Make sure that the client becomes better
  • (C) Achieve independence
  • (D) Provide alternate coping mechanism

10 >>What is the best intervention when the client has just experienced the crisis and still at the first phase of the crisis? ?

  • (A) Behavior therapy
  • (B) Gestalt therapy
  • (C) Cognitive therapy
  • (D) Milieu Therapy

11 >>Therapeutic nurse client relationship is describes as follows 1. Based on friendship and mutual interest 2. It is a professional relationship 3. It is focused on helping the patient solve problems and achieve health-related goals 4. Maintained only as long as the patient requires professional help ?

  • (A) 1,2,3
  • (B) 1,2,4
  • (C) 2,3,4
  • (D) 1,3,4

12 >>The client is scheduled to have surgical removal of the tumor on her left breast. Which of the following manifestation indicates that she is experiencing Mild Anxiety? ?

  • (A) She has increased awareness of her environmental details
  • (B) She focused on selected aspect of her illness
  • (C) She experiences incongruence of action, thoughts and feelings
  • (D) She experiences random motor activities

13 >>Which of the following nursing intervention would least likely be effective when dealing with a client with aggressive behavior? ?

  • (A) Approach him in a calm manner
  • (B) Provide opportunities to express feelings
  • (C) Maintain eye contact with the client
  • (D) Isolate the client from others

14 >>Whitney, a patient of nurse Budek, verbalizes “I have nothing, nothing nothing! Don’t make me close one more door, I don’t wanna hurt anymore!” Which of the following is the most appropriate response by Budek? ?

  • (A) Why are you singing?
  • (B) What makes you say that?
  • (C) Ofcourse you are everything
  • (D) What is that you said?

15 >>Whitney verbalizes that she is anxious that the diagnostic test might reveal laryngeal cancer. Which of the following is the most appropriate nursing intervention? ?

  • (A) Tell the client not to worry until the results are in
  • (B) Ask the client to express feelings and concern
  • (C) Reassure the client everything will be alright
  • (D) Advice the client to divert his attention by watching television and reading newspapers

16 >>Considered as the most accurate expression of person’s thought and feelings ?

  • (A) Verbal communication
  • (B) Non verbal communication
  • (C) Written communication
  • (D) Oral communication

17 >>Represents inner feeling that a person do not like talking about. ?

  • (A) Covert communication
  • (B) Overt communication
  • (C) Verbal communication
  • (D) Non verbal communication

18 >>Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an effective Nurse-Client relationship? ?

  • (A) Focused on the patient
  • (B) Based on mutual trust
  • (C) Conveys acceptance
  • (D) Discourages emotional bond

Objective Questions | Fundamentals of Nursing Quiz | MCQ

19 >>A type of record wherein , each person or department makes notation in separate records. A nurse will use the nursing notes, The doctor will use the Physician�s order sheet etc. Data is arranged according to information source. ?

  • (A) POMR
  • (B) POR
  • (C) Traditional
  • (D) Resource oriented

20 >>Type of recording that integrates all data about the problem, gathered by members of the health team. ?

  • (A) POMR
  • (B) Traditional
  • (C) Resource oriented
  • (D) Source oriented

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