An Operating System | Functions of an Operating System (OS) What is an Operating System? What are the different functions of an operating system? Answer: Operating System | Functions of an Operating System (OS) An operating system is a program that manages computer hardware. 1. It acts as an intermediate between users of a computer and the compare hardware. 2. It controls and coordinates the … Read more

Kelvin‐Planck and Clausius statements of second law of thermodynamics Q: Give Kelvin‐Planck and Clausius statements of the second law of thermodynamics. Justify that violation of the Kelvin‐Planck statement leads to violation of the Clausius statement and vice versa. Kelvin‐Planck statement: It is impossible to construct a heat engine or device which operates in a cycle that produces no other effects than the production … Read more

Kinds of Data Models in Computer System What are the different kinds of data models? Answer: Kinds of Data Models in Computer System Data model: A data model describes how data are represented and accessed. Data model formally defined data elements and relationships among data elements for a domain of interest. Types of data models : There are basically two types of … Read more

Integrated Services Digital Network | ISDN What is Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)? Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN): The ISDN is an abbreviation of the Integrated Services Digital Network. The current communications networks vary with the type of services, such as telephone networks, telex networks, and digital data transmission networks. On the other hand, the ISDN is an integrated network … Read more

Izod impact test | Rockwell hardness test What are the Izod impact test and Rockwell hardness test? Answer: Izod impact test | Rockwell hardness test In the manufacturing of locomotive wheels, coins, and connecting rods, etc., the components are subjected to impact loads or shock loads. These loads are applied suddenly. The stress-induced in components is many times more than the stress … Read more

Installation of package AC units How to Install a package AC units? Installation of package AC units (Air Cooled): Purpose :- Now a days every Telephone Exchange requires Air Conditioning. The modern Telephone Exchanges install the Electronics Equipments. So, the installation of package A.C. units is one of the most important activities pertaining to the electrical wing. Objective :- … Read more

Instruction Set | Steps of CPU to execute the instructions What do you understand by the instruction set? What is the step taken by the CPU to execute the instructions? Answer: Instruction Set | Steps of CPU to execute the Instructions Instruction set: The computer system cannot do anything on its own. The user programs or instructs them. It defines the instruction as a … Read more

Fire Fighting | Precautions | Types of Fire extinguishers | Maintenance What is Fire Fighting? What are the Precautions against fire in Telecom Building? Explain Fire Fighting in Telecom Buildings. What action to be taken in the event of fire Procedure during office hours? What are the main types of Fire extinguishers? How many types of Foam? What are the Maintenance Instructions of Fire extinguishers? … Read more

Latest News: God Particle | God particle theory 23 24

Unraveling the Mysteries of the God Particle: Exploring the Higgs Boson God Particle, God particle theory, cern leboratory If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that the universe is still an incredibly mysterious place. And while scientists continue to piece together the puzzle of its workings, some believe that there might be something … Read more

Efficiency of Rankine cycle 100%

Optimizing Energy Conversion: Exploring the Efficiency of Rankine Cycle Derive an expression for efficiency of Rankine cycle? How this cycle is different from the Carnot cycle? The Rankine cycle is the ideal cycle for vapor power plants. The ideal Rankine cycle does not have any internal irreversibility. Thermodynamic analysis of cycle : Process (4‐1): Constant … Read more