Samsung Galaxy M Series Review

Samsung Galaxy M Series Review

Samsung brings to Mexico the M series, I’ll tell you prices and where you can buy it.

Also, we check the new teasers from Huawei P30, with a video, in fact filmed, with the P30.

Moreover, we also introduce you the first prototype of the iPhone, the first one of history.

Also, Netflix takes away the free first-month trial in some users and countries.

And to finish: We’ll see the artificial intelligence by Nvidia, to show what’s capable to do, and stay until the end as I have a surprise for you, especially for those living in CDMX.

Let’s start! Hello thanks for coming to another video of this channel.

Let’s quickly review the results from the last video’s survey.

After the introduction of the service of videogaming by Google, through internet, I asked how you prefer to play, if on console or streaming.

The majority still prefers the classic, a console.

Let’s go first news, it turns out that Samsung has finally reacted to all the market and pay attention as it’s about to offer you the quality-price you’ve been waiting for.

They just brought to Mexico the new M series which includes the Galaxy M 10, Galaxy M 20, and Galaxy M 30.

Let me tell you about the M 10.

This is the most basic model.

We start immediately telling you the price, because it costs $2,853 Mexican pesos.

However, for pre-sale, only today in the store by Samsung, it costs $2,568.

It’s a small discount, but very good.

This device has an LCD screen of 6.

22 inches.

HD+ resolution.

Proportion 19.


The processor is the Exynos 7870.

2 GB of RAM, 16 of storage.

So far, this has specs I think very basic, content.

But the interesting is here as it has dual-camera at the back.

13 megapixels in the main camera, and it has a wide-range lenses of 5 megapixels.

Here, it begins to be very interesting.

The selfies camera has 5 megapixels, battery also interesting, 3,440 mA.

It has Android 8.

1 Oreo.

With the Samsung Experience layer.

They still don’t have the layer ONE UI.

So we don’t know if they’d receive an update.

Turn to check the Galaxy M 20 which price is $3,987 Mexican pesos.

But, if you buy it today in the Samsung’s store, it will cost $3,588.

This model includes a little bigger screen, 6.

3 inches.

With Full HD+ resolution.

2,340 x 1,080 pixels.

Since it has a 19.

5:9 proportion.

Its processor is more powerful.

The Exynos 7904.

Furthermore, it has 3 GB of RAM, 32 of storage.

In this case, we can see more capabilities and power.

In the photos section, it has exactly the same setting than the M 10: dual-camera of 13 megapixels, 5 with wide-range.

8 for selfies, it increased here, but the most incremented is the battery.

One with 5,000 mA! This, of course, concerning the price, that Samsung is offering, seems to be a device that would be a top-seller.

It also has Android 8.


With Samsung Experience.

Now, let’s check the most complete model of this M series.

It’s the M 30 which price is $5,777 Mexican pesos.

But, again, buying in the pre-sale, it has a price of $5,199 pesos.

This model includes a Super-AMOLED screen.

A little bigger, 6.

4 inches, Full HD+, proportion 19.


The same processor than the M 20, the Exynos 7904.

In this case, it has 4 GB of RAM, 64 of storage, and triple-camera, 13 megapixels for the main one, we have a 5 megapixels for deep detection and the wide-range one of 5 megapixels, too.

For selfies we have 16 megapixels.

Battery also of 5,000 mA.

In the three cases, they include NFC, FM radio, and the amazing part, they have dual SIM, in case you need it.

So, it turns out that Samsung is attacking strongly the medium-low category.

Amazing prices! Xiaomi Mexico didn’t delay reacting and posted a twit which reads, “Oh, now we understand, M for fear (“miedo” in Spanish).

” Take part in the survey and tell me who is more afraid, if Samsung or Xiaomi.

As it seems that Samsung already is reacting and we know what it’s capable to do.

Let’s wait how much these devices are sold which, by the way, only are available online.

They aren’t available on physical stores nor with a career company.

So, you can buy it only in the Samsung’s store, shop.


Mx or also on Amazon and Mercado Libre.

But, let’s go next news, as it’s time to watch the new teaser of the Huawei P30 which is about to be introduced.

In the first one you’re watching, you see a very strong darkness, it even says, “too dark”.

They only left a small light and say it’s enough to take a good shot.

Obviously, referring to the night-mode, I think that is already known but might be it’s improved.

The second video refers to an image too far away and then is closer.

Of course, showing off the zoom that this device will have.

According to all the teasers, it will be amazing! In the third video, we appreciate a view, now, very close, it reads, “Too close.

” And, of course, in this case, it seems to refer to the wide-angle lens as you can be very close or far away.

But, to round off this of the Huawei P30, pay attention, the youtuber Parker Walbeck, who works making videos with very, very cinematic views, posted a video where he says that it was filmed or recorded, with a device that hasn’t been introduced.

The video of course provides views completely amazing! With a great quality, stabilization, whatever.

It’s a truly video that seemed was filmed with a professional camera.

And he himself, at the end of the video, clarifies that he filmed all these shots with the smartphone.

In fact, through another video, is presented the behind the scenes.

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