Flowchart | Symbols used in Flowcharts

What is Flowchart? Which types of symbols used in Flowcharts?

Answer: Flowchart | Symbols used in Flowcharts

Flowchart :

A flowchart is a pictorial (diagrammatic) representation of a program that shows the sequence of operations to be performed to arrive at the solution to a given problem. Flowcharts are quite helpful in understanding the logic of complicated problems.

A flowchart is drawn before writing an actual program to understand the sequence of actions taken by the solution to solve the problem. Flowcharts are usually drawn using some standard symbols as showed below.

symbols used in Flowcharts

The following are some guidelines to draw a proper flowchart :

1. All necessary requirements should be listed out logically in order to draw an appropriate flowchart.

2. There should be no ambiguity in understanding the flowchart, i.e., the flowchart should be clear, neat and easy to follow.

3. Every flowchart must have a logical beginning and end.

4. The normal direction of the flow of a flowchart is from top to bottom or left to right.
5. The number of flow line used along with the terminal symbol must be one.
6. From a process symbol, only one flow line should come out.

7. For a decision symbol only one flow line should enter, but in the case of leaving of the flow lines this number can be two to more, one for each possible answer.

8. Whenever a flowchart becomes complex it is better to use connector symbols as a substitute for flow lines.

Example : Flowchart to find the sum of two given numbers.

Example of Flowchart

Advantages of flowchart :

1. Communication : As flowchart is a pictorial representation of a program, it is easier to explain the logic of a program to some other person by using flowcharts.

2. Proper documentation : Flowcharts often provide valuable documentation.

3. Proper debugging : Flowcharts are very efficient in detecting, locating, and removing program bugs (mistakes).

Limitations of flowchart

1. Laborious for complex problem : Flowchart drawing for complex problem is very time‐ consuming and laborious process.

2. Tedious task in modification : When any change or modification is required in program logic, the flowchart may need to be redrawn completely.

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