Computer Networking

What is computer networking?

Answer: computer networking

Computer network :

A computer network is a group of computer systems and other computing hardware devices that are linked together through communication channels to facilitate communication and resource sharing among a wide range of users. Networks are commonly categorized based on their characteristics.

Advantages of computer network :

1. Availability of information : It allows access to a vast useful information, including traditional reference materials and facts, such as news and current affairs.

2. File sharing easier : Computer networking allows easier accessibility for people to share their files, which greatly helps them with saving more time and effort, since they could do file sharing more accordingly and effectively.

3. Inexpensive system : Installing networking software on our device would not cost too much, as we are assured that it lasts and can effectively share information to our peers. Also, there is no need to change the software regularly.

4. Cost efficiency : User can use a lot of software products available on the market which can just be stored or installed in your system or server, and can then be used by various workstations.

5. Boosts storage capacity : Since information, files and resources are shared to other people, we have to ensure all data and content are properly stored in the system.

computer network :

Disadvantages of computer network :

1. Lack of independence : User will be dependent on the main file server, which means that, if it breaks down, the system would become useless and it make users idle.

2. Security difficulties : User’s security would be always at risk because there would be a large number of people who would be using a computer network to get and share their files and resources.

3. Lack of robustness : If a computer network’s main server breaks down, the entire system would become useless.

4. Viruses and malware : If even one computer on a network gets affected by a virus, there is a possible threat for the other systems getting affected too. Viruses can spread on a network easily, because of the inter‐connectivity of workstations.

5. Needs an efficient handler : The technical skills and knowledge of how to operate networks and administer a computer network is considerably high. Any user with basic skills cannot do this job. Also, the accountability to manage a network is very high.

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