Unit 5 Questions Based on English Business Correspondence

Unit 5 Questions Based on English Business Correspondence

In this educational section we are going to share some most important Questions Based on English Business Correspondence and the syllabus prescribed mentioned here: Importance of Business Letters, Parts and Layout; Application, Contents of good Resume, guidelines for writing Resume, Calling/ Sending Quotation, Order, Complaint, E-mail and Tender.


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  1. What is resume? Write the importance of resume?

 Resume is a selective record of an individual’s. It is a written document which summarizes ones’ professional and educational achievements, qualifications, skills, experiences. It should not be longer than two pages. It is needed for a person who is seeking job or any other official work. Since numbers of job seekers and employers are increasing, resumes are needed for applicants to differentiate & distinguish themselves, and prove their suitability for the applied post.


  1. How an open punctuation is different from closed punctuation and mixed punctuation?


  1. Open Punctuation: No commas and full stops are used in any part of letter except in the main body. None of the elements (except the main body) of letter is punctuated.
  2. Mixed Punctuation: Comma is put after date, salutation and complimentary close and full stop follows the last line of the inside address.
  3. Closed Punctuation: Each & every element of the letter is punctuated.

Main part of the letter is punctuated.

  1. Define letter of enquiry

Letter of enquiry- The letters that are written for collecting information about job seekers, prices, products, and services before awarding jobs, granting credit, making contracts and giving promotions are known as letters of inquiry. An enquiry letter is also written by a potential customer, on the lookout for a product or with a desire to avail the service offered by a seller or an organization. It is neither a contract nor does it entail any contractual obligation between the two. It is actually a preliminary exercise that may lead to a contract. These letters are written to a third party seeking information about either a job or a company that wishes to make business relationship.

Questions Based on English Business Correspondence

  1. List at least any three complimentary closes. Which and why do you prefer them?

Complimentary closes are the courteous leave taking by which writer ends the letter. The main three complimentary closes are:

Yours sincerely

Yours truly

Yours faithfully




  1. Describe in short the information that must be included in a quotation letter.

A quotation letter is a reply / response of any enquiry letter. It plays    important role in business. There are two types of quotation letters one is asking / inviting letter and second is sending letter. While drafting any quotation letter one must consider the following points:


  1. One must reply any quotation letter without delay.
  2. Quote the Prices of specific required goods
  3. Do specify the Mode of payment
  4. Mode of transportation
  5. Clearly mention all Terms and conditions
  6. If there are any Offers, discounts, do mention them
  7. And last but not the least mention all the taxes too.


  1. Write the importance of ‘You’ attitude in business letter.

You-attitude is a style of writing that places the writer in the position of reader, allowing a clear view of the situation from the reader’s perspective. The writer then communicates in a manner sensitive to the reader’s needs. It is a writing style that emphasizes readers rather than the writer. To write business letter writer should considerate reader’s desires, problems, circumstances, emotions and probable reactions. The written form of any Business letter must be ‘you view point’ instead of ‘I or we view point’ which emphasize reader’s interest and help to win the reader’s mind and attention


  1. What are the email writing etiquette?

The basic principles of writing an e-mail are as following:

  1. The tone of your email should always be professional.
  2. Always use proper salutations in your email.
  3. Fill in the subject line with the topic of your email.
  4. No more than two attachments, and provide a logical name.
  5. Send or copy others only on a need to know basis.
  6. Beware of the “reply all.”
  7. Keep it short and get to the point
  8. Know your audience
  9. Always include a signature
  10. Your e-mail is a reflection of you
  11. Respond in a timely fashion
  12. It is unprofessional to send emails with spelling errors, punctuation errors and other types of grammatical or technical mistakes. Such errors make it appear as though you do not possess adequate writing skills. Use the spell check feature of your email program to correct misspelled words, and always proofread your composition before hitting the “Send” button.

Questions Based on English Business Correspondence

  1. Why planning is necessary before writing a business letter?

The Business Letter will be the first impression that you make on someone therefore business letter should be very concise and to the point. Each letter in business writes to meet certain or different objectives It should be specific and accurate. When a letter is well planned there are less chances of anything going wrong. During planning the business the writer must have clear idea of what and how to write and irrelevant point must not be mentioned.



  1. Write a letter and place an order  for the following items with the classic Furniture, New Delhi:

Office chairs                                300

Wooden tables                             200

Steel almirahs                                50


PLACING THE ORDER (Semi/ Indented Block Layout)





22 Dec, 2015



The Classic Furniture,

New Delhi.


Attention line- Mr. M.N. Shukla(Sales Manager)


Subject: Placing the order.


Dear Sir

Thank you for your letter no DC/193/2015 on dated…… .

We are pleased to place an order for the following items on the terms and conditions agreed upon. Please send the items and include all the texts in your bill:


  1. Item Description                     Quantity
  2.   Office chairs                                300
  3. Wooden tables                             200
  4.  Steel almirahs                               50


Please send the items within 20 days of placing the order by the road transport. We shall make the payment by crossed cheque as desired by you soon after the arrival and inspection of the items.

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