Unit 2 Questions Based on English Communication

Unit 2 Questions Based on English Communication

This section contain some important questions based on English Communication and syllabus are as follows: Introduction, Meaning and Significance, Process of Communication, Oral and Written
Communication, 7 c’s of Communication, Barriers to Communication and Ways to overcome them,
Importance of Communication for Technical students.


QUE.1 Write the synonyms of the following words.                                                          MARKS 5

  1. Astonish b) Bliss c) pain  d) humid   e) spontaneous


  • Cofound, overwhelm
  • Happiness , joy
  • Ache, discomfort
  • Wet, moist
  • Impromptu, unplanned

 QUE.2 Write the antonyms of the following words.                                                              MARKS 5

  1. Fresh , b) coward , c) mean , d) often , e) pardon



  1. Stale
  2. Hero
  3. Kind
  4. Seldom
  5. punish

QUE.3 Give the One word substitute of the following.                                                            MARKS 5

  1. Someone’s life history written by another person- Biography
  2. One who takes pleasure in torturing other – Sadist
  3. A child whose parents are dead- orphan
  4. A woman who never gets married – Spinster
  5. A series of three novels/works of art produced by a writer/artist – Trilogy

QUE .4 Use the following homonyms / homophones in the sentences to understand their clear meanings.                                                                                                                        5   MARKS

  1. a) Write b). Bank      c) Fair      d) Birth       f)  Face

Right         Bank          Fare           Berth        Face

Please—————– our sincerely apologise.( choose appropriate homophones accept, except )


  1. A) Why don’t you write a novel?

We have right to speech in India.

  1.       B) We have our account in a government bank.

Banaras city is situated on the bank of holy river the Ganga.

  1. C) She is having fair complexion.

Railways fare is increased once again.

  1. d) She gave birth to a cute baby girl.

There is no vacant berth available.

  1.  Her face is seriously injured in an accident.

We must face our problems of life with confidence.


Questions Based on English Communication



QUE.5 The words by using suffix and/or prefixes.                                                                     MARKS

  1. I couldn’t find any ———— in his theory. (weakness)

(Put the word “weak” into the correct from using prefixes &/or suffixes)

  1. Make sentences by  using prefixes &/or suffixes of the following words

Educate,  Agree  , perfect,   Loud  ,  Danger



  1. Education is key to success.
  2. They all disagree on the statement.
  3. We answered all the queries
  4. He always speaks so
  5. Smoking is dangerous to health.

Questions Based on English Communication

QUE.6 Correct the following sentences and rewrite.                                              MARKS 5

  1. Myself is going to the college. (Correction – I am going to college)
  2. I met the real estate agent sold us our house. ( I met the real estate agent who sold us our house.
  3. I am writing letters all the morning. ( I have been writing letters all the morning)
  4. He cleverly turned to table on his opponent ( he cleverly turned the table o his opponent)
  5. He prevented him to smoke. ( he prevented him from smoking)



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