Technical descriptions and technical definitions in English Language

Write a detailed note on technical descriptions and technical definitions.

Technical description :

Technical description means the detailed discussion of the physical aspects of a thing. That means discussing thing like color, shape, size, weight, thickness, density, contents, materials of construction, and so on.

The descriptions are common element in technical writing ‐ just not quite in the same way that instructions are. Description appear more often as a sentence or two here, a paragraph there, or a whole section elsewhere. Certain kinds of technical writing feature description :

Instructions often require description to enable readers to visualize what they are doing and what they are working with.

If the thing one is describing is not likely to be familiar to most of his/her readers, consider adding some background before one plunge into the actual description.

The main part of oneʹs description is the discussion of each part of characteristics. One must divide the thing one is describing into parts, or characteristics or both.

If one is working for real estate and has to describe vacant plot for company files, one would probably describe it by its characteristic: its location, square footage, terrain, vegetation, access to utilizes, and so on.

Technical Definitions :

The word definition comes from the Latin original ʹdefineʹ (ʹdeʹ means down and ʺfinreʺ means to end which comes from ʹfinish’). The dictionary meaning of word as give in the Concise Oxford Dictionary is ʹexact description of the nature scope or meaning of something.’ When we use the words ʹexact meaningʹ itself means that in any definition there is no scope for elaborating the thing to state its meaning very precisely. One thing is common in definition and that is they are precise, exact and to the point. They are elaborate and do not contain unnecessary words. Framing definitions requires thinking and proper attention to every aspects of the concept.

Caution : Caution is an instruction to the user to avoid mishandling and carelessness. It is more serious in nature and needs to be followed very scrupulously.

Example : While using mixture‐grinder one should not put hand inside the pot while machine is on.

Warning : Warning alerts the person from danger in regards to certain consequences of actions or handling of tools, machines or equipment’s.

Example : The ironing press it is necessary to adjust the heating knob as per the requirement of the clothes.

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