Noun and its types

Define noun and give its types along with suitable examples.

Definition : A noun is defined as a naming word. It is a word that is used to refer to the name of :

• a person (particular or referred to in common)

• a place (particular or general)
• a thing (referred to the same kind or class)
• a collection of a person or thing
• a nation
Examples : Anuradha is a talented girl who comes from Kolkata, which is often referred to as the city of joy.

The noun in the above sentence are :

Anuradha (a person), girl (a class of person), Kolkata (a particular place), city (a kind of place), joy (a kind of emotion).

Structure of noun classification :


Common Proper Collective Abstract Material

(i) Common Noun : Name given in common to a person or thing of the same kind or class.
Example : India is a great country.
(ii) Proper Noun : Name of some particular person or place written with a capital letter in the beginning.

Example : Jack is a stupid boy.

(iii) Collective Noun : Name of a number (or collection) of persons or thing taken together and spoken of as a whole.

Example : The committee comprises three members.
(iv) Abstract Noun : Name of quality by action or state considered apart from.
Example : Laughter is a good medicine ; so, you must laugh.
(v) Material Noun : It denotes a substance of which things are made.
Example : Cotton is used to make clothes.


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