Tutorial for answering NCLEX and nursing style questions

Tutorial for answering NCLEX and nursing style questions

Hello and welcome to your very own Tutorial for answering NCLEX and nursing style questions.

In this tutorial, we will be going over test-taking strategies including the different types of questions the ingredients of a question strategic words positive and negative event queries choosing the correct answer and a process of elimination let’s get started multiple-choice is the most common type of question seen on nursing examinations.

The questions provide you with data about a patient situation and give a selection of four or more options in many cases more than one option may be right but it is your job to identify the one that is the most correct the following is an example of a multiple-choice question the patient is a 55 year old male diagnosed with advanced heart disease which of the following lifestyle factors is the probable cause of his cardiac problems a bi-weekly participation in outdoor softball be consuming approximately two alcoholic beverages a week see a history of smoking a half package of cigarettes daily or D consuming a vegetarian diet fill-in-the-blank questions are questions that may ask you to calculate a medication dosage IV rate intake and output

balance or it may ask you to answer other patient care questions using one-worded answers fill in the blank questions are an example of alternative format questions a sample fill in the blank question is as follows doctor has ordered 500 milligrams of acetaminophen for a patient postoperatively the tablets are available in 250 milligrams the nurse will therefore administer blank tablets with select all that apply questions you’ll be asked to choose all of the options applicable to the patient situation they appear very similar to traditional multiple-choice questions so it is always important to read the question carefully before answering generally no partial credit is given if only some of the correct choices were selected with select all that apply questions it is important to try your best to sort the answers into true and false statements then select only the true statements for your final answer an example of select all that apply is a nine-year-old patient is living in a long-term care facility and is complaining that her body doesn’t work the way it used

to which of the following changes are normal with aging select all that apply diminished visual acuity stiffened joints increased infections and hearing loss a figure question will contain a picture or graphic and you will be asked to answer the question based on the picture the questions could contain a chart table figure or illustration you may be asked to highlight something on the picture or simply make an evaluation of the information provided by the picture or figure in this example the student is being asked to evaluate the reading on an ECG and her according responds a client who experienced a myocardial infarction is on the cardiac unit with cardiac telemetry the nurse notes the sudden onset of the following cardiac rhythm what is the nurses immediate action a take the clients blood pressure be in a shaped CPR C uses nitrous payor D continues to monitor the client drag and drop questions use technology to allow the student to physically drag a term to its according to correctly answer these questions will be frequently related to prioritization but also be related to definition questions

in this example the nurse is studying positioning the patient to match the position name to the definitions pane semi Fowler’s lithotomy ordered response questions will ask the student to use a computer mouse or matching numbers to letters to order the answers by priority information will be present in the question and you must determine which nursing actions should be taken first second third and so on when faced with prioritizing questions remember to use the guidelines for prioritizing here is an example the emergency department nurse arrives on-shift with four patients in his care place the following patient diagnosis in order of highest priority to least priority a broken wrist B chest pains C asthma attack D nausea guidelines for prioritizing refer to the ABCs of

Nursing and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs the ABCs stand for airway breathing and circulation when selecting an answer or determining the order of priority of actions always select the priority action based on the ABCs airway is the first priority in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory physiological needs such as oxygen food water and shelter are always the priority, therefore, you should consider such needs first in selecting an option or determining the order of

priority of a set of actions there are three ingredients of a question the event provides you with the information about the patient or clinical situation that is necessary to answer the question the event query asks something specific about the content of the event and the answer is all of the options provided with the question in the following example the event is the nurses caring for a client with terminal cancer the event query or question is the nurse should plan for which factor when planning opioid pain management the possible answers are an all pain is real

be opioids are highly addictive see opioids can cause cardiac issues or D around the clock dosing provides better relief than as-needed dosing again the event query asks something specific about the content of the event a positive event query uses strategic words that ask you to choose an answer or answers that are correct example which of the following statements made by the patient indicates their understanding of the side-effects of the prescribed medication a negative event query uses strategic words that ask you to choose an answer that is incorrect event or statement example which of the following statements made by the patient indicates

a need for further teaching regarding the side-effects of the prescribing medication your turn identified the event query positive or negative and the answers of the following question then select the correct answer strategic words to focus on your attention to one critical point to consider when answering the question if you know what to look for some strategic words may indicate that all of the answers are correct and prioritization will be needed to select the true answer common strategic words are as follows here are some examples of strategic

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