What is Team Building?

5.6 Establishing fresh facts and information to keep the “challenge motivation”.
New information causes a potential team to redefine and enrich its understanding of the performance challenge, thereby helping the team shape a common purpose, set clearer goals, and improve on its common approach. Potential teams with more permanent, ongoing assignments, on the other hand, easily develop habits that shut out new information and perspective. New facts often bring such groups into action.
5.7 Spending time together
Teams must spend a lot of time together, especially at the beginning. This time spent together can be scheduled and unscheduled creative insights develop when personal bonding takes place. The more successful teams always find a way to spend extra time together.
• In order to strengthen an organisation it might be necessary to weaken a part of it.
• Assign tasks that will allow the subordinates to grow and take on additional responsibilities
• Let your team know you appreciate them
• The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them
• Each member has something to add to the team
• Fix measurable goals to keep the team focused
• Everyone in a team thinks in a different way.

Read this wonderful example to know how teamwork works!

At a country far, a horse pulling, contest was organised.  The first place horse ended up moving a block weighing 1000 kilograms.  The second place horse pulled a block weighing 800 kilograms.

The owners of these horses wanted to see what these two horses together could move and the two horses together moved a block weighing 3500 kilograms.  It was a hard lesson for all of them at the far, that unity consistently produces greater results than individual endeavours.

            “Team work divides the effort and multiplies the effect!”

Team Building , Team Building , Team Building

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