NCLEX Test Day Vlog | I PASSED!!

NCLEX Test Day Vlog | I PASSED!!

So I’m taking my NCLEX today in a little bit under two hours actually I’m just sort of here Trying to avoid the inevitable Like I’m so scared At the same time I kind of feel like I already know everything I’m gonna know you know I’ve spent the last four or five-ish years studying and preparing for this test.

Technically. I feel weirdly confident like I’m not very worried but I do have this habit of being like super chill Right before a very stressful event.

Just being super chill being like, what are you guys doing freaking out like everything’s gonna be fine everything falls into its place accordingly like things happen for a reason and like you’re good, but then the second I get to the to the moment like I’m just like HELP So I’m expecting that to happen, but for right now I’m just enjoying the peace of mind and Yeah I should probably start making my way out though So, yeah Okay, I’m here Okay true to form I wanted to get here an hour early so I could study I Well, actually I didn’t do too bad.

I got here 45 minutes early. Um, I picked up some snacks on the way you know just the essentials I found these. I don’t know if you guys remember these the now and later ones. Oh, wait I don’t think this is what I thought it was Nevermind But okay, so I’m here I’m not sure what to expect.

I didn’t want to watch too many videos about it. Oof dat hair tho I didn’t want to watch too many videos about like the process of like walking through those doors and everything that lies before it I’m still not nervous It’s very worrisome at this point.

I feel like nervousness would be good.

It would motivate me, but Just it’s not happening I don’t have any angst I’m just sort of here you guys ever get to a point that? You’ve been kind of like looking forward to for so long as to whether it’s graduation or a wedding or a birthday.

I don’t know and once you’re there, it just doesn’t feel real. That’s exactly where I’m at right now. Anyway, so I think I’m gonna start heading in if Nothing else just to be waiting indoors instead of out here wasting my car gas with the AC on So I’ll see you on the flip side.

Don’t make me go Okay I have no idea how that went. Um I am a little- I’m a lot a bit worried um, I promised myself I wouldn’t try to find out I wouldn’t try using whatever tricks the Pearson trick that everybody talks about and that I wouldn’t try looking On Florida like Board of Nursing or whatever um but I’m gonna Yep, um I don’t even want to go home because I don’t want my family asking me how it went because I have no effing clue Okay, that’s that’s where I’m at right now.

I’m freaking out. Maybe I should be a little bit calm or just for your sake Um, you’ll do great But yeah, okay talking about its kind of calming me down I apologize for my previous behavior.

I still don’t know how I feel about it. Um, I took less than an hour Which is nerve-wracking in and of itself I could literally feel the test Targeting my weakness and farm there Were drugs on that test that they were asking me about that.

I would not even Be able to tell you if I had my textbook in front of me. I feel like I got a lot of select all that apply questions A lot.

So, I don’t really know what I’m gonna do right now, I don’t want to go home Maybe I’ll just run some errands I think going to the beach might be a good idea for me right now We’ll see Hey, you know what’s up! Your girl passed Your girl passed! Yo guys I passed Florida is really good about getting results out very, very quick I took my test at 3 p.M. And woke up Probably saw the results by 9:00 a.M.

the next morning Wow, that was the most gut-wrenching Several hours though. I could not fall asleep for the life of me. I was just worrying all day.

I ended up- my lovely friend of mine who was kind enough to take my mind off of things and convinced me to play for a night with her until like 4:00 a.M The only reason we stopped is that they had an update.

I’m not very good.

Just FYI, but that’s what happened.

I fell asleep Maybe at 4:30 I woke up at around 8, 8:30 Just laying in bed Knowing that the results were already posted but not having the cojones, you know To go and check for myself.

I ended up looking on my phone and it was that same friend of mine from Fortnight that had snap chatted me letting me know that I’d passed so that was awesome I checked the Florida Board of Nursing website and there my name was saying clear active passed license number and all I’m gonna I always wanted my first tattoo to be very spontaneous sorta like on a Wednesday at a place that sells tacos and also does tattoos just decides to get one, but I really think if I land an awesome job sometime around then I’m gonna get my RN license tattooed on me.

I think I want it to be spontaneous, but I’m pretty set.

I think that’s gonna be a really good first tattoo for me so now I’m headed over to mama bear’s and That’s about it.

This was my NCLEX day journey I passed.

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