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And maybe after a while, it stops using completely. Or maybe it just goes on with no problem. Or suppose John got into a car accident. And after that he moved to a treatment program, Then it is necessary to abstain.

And after a period of abstinence, maybe it starts to use again and again until he has a healthy fear, Maybe a heart attack, it’s possible or not Being associated with the use of cocaine, is not safe.

But this is a possible change in the effects of drug use Moves it back to abstinence. Thus, in accordance with all these different circumstances, All the different changes in life, Drug availability, the amount someone uses, Why do they use this stuff, even things like Whether they have no money or whether they have been imprisoned Or move to a new city, all these changes Patterns of drug use can also lead Increase or decrease in the amount of drug used, In accordance with these changes.

Another interesting thing you can notice In this theory by looking at this figure, He is the one who says that someone can not move From single-use directly to problematic use.

Instead, they should first go through the non-problematic use. So this theory is quite clear in its statement That addiction is a process. This is not something that happens immediately.

And another part is very important in this theory It reinforces that this wheel repeats itself Separately for each material. So maybe John tries cigarettes once and then Never uses them again, and maybe uses them Drink alcohol occasionally, but then stops when he reached middle age. And perhaps the use of cocaine, as we have said, Follows a more complicated path along with this figure.

So this is very different from the entry theory, Which holds that using one material can lead For use in another material because, in this model, Each material is considered separately. And because of that, it’s a continuum model It is summed up to be much more complicated Than the entry model. But because of this, there is additional complexity, This can be a more realistic way to look at how people move from misuse.

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