Behavioral & Attitudinal Change | Behavior And Attitude

Behavioral & Attitudinal Change | Behavior And Attitude

Behavioral & Attitudinal Change | Behavior And Attitude


There are rapid changes taking place in telecommunication field. Every day we hear new inventions and induction of new services. With these changes, we ought to face new competitions and challenges. We have to be prepared to meet these challenges to become competent and successful. For this we need to bring positive changes in our organisation.

The ‘change’ in the organisation, for its survival and growth can be brought by induction of changes in the following fields.
Changes in Technology, equipment & material,
Changes in knowledge and skills of people,
Changes “in people” by bringing change in Behavior and Attitudes of people,
Overall change in Organisational culture.

1.1 Our strength & Achievements

• The Telecom network in our country has grown rapidly over the last 10-15 years, keeping pace with the world’s latest technologies.
• Our revenues have also grown and sufficient funds were available so far, for our growth.
• We have acquired the latest of telecom technologies.
• We have the best of the technical manpower and latest expertise.
• We are very quick in acquiring latest technical knowledge and skills.
• We have invaluable assets in the form of lands, buildings, huge infrastructures and equipment.

1.1 Our Weaknesses

One OF OUR WEAKNESSES in which we need to pay special attention is “Behaviour & Attitude” of all of us, at all levels, our behaviour& attitude towards our customers as well as interpersonal behaviour among the various cadres of employees.

In other words we need to bring overall change in organisational culture
Unlike equipment the people can not be changed (replaced) so easily, i.e. organisational change can not be brought by changing(replacing)people, but by bringing Change ‘in’ people We need to bring positive changes ‘in’ the people.

In this course we will discuss the process of Behavioral and Attitudinal training to bring change ‘in’ the people of the organisation.

Behavior And Attitude


• The DOT is one of the oldest departments of the Government of India with a history of more than 120 years.
• The department has an employee force of about 4 lakhs.
• The operation area of the Department is spread over the whole of the country covering majority (about 60%) of the villages and most of the block head quarters.

Department of Telecommunications has been the only Telecom service provider in the country till recently. This department under the Central Government has developed its own unique culture over the period of time. Being a Government department, its people have so far wielded a certain kind of control and authority over the service of telecom in the country. This has generated a definite behaviour and specific attitudes in the employees working at different levels, maintaining the same since many years. Their well-known characteristic is that of controller of scarce resources. It is the organisational culture in any Government department.
The reasons behind this organisational behavior are as follows:

The Telecom technologies and equipment were costly and scarce earlier. The uses of the telecom services were also restricted. Costs of telecom services were very high. The consumers of telecom services were those people who could afford them, such as Government offices, Business people, rich urban people and other business related service sectors. Behavior And Attitude

The role of a telecom employee in that era was that of a controller, supplier, distributor, and maintainer of a scarce resource or service which was in short supply and high demand. Therefore there was no need for marketing, no sale skills were required and no need felt for the promotion or publicity of any services There was more demand than the supply and the gap was very high.

In that situation the governmental authoritative control was necessary. Our officers and staff also acquired the legacy of governmental authority. Although department has consistently tried to inculcate in its employees the balanced attitude of a service department serving its subscriber with sincerity, humbleness and care of customer with honesty, in the absence of competition, we have developed attitudes of a monopolistic and authoritative department. Our customers did not have any other options but to follow the departmental procedures and bear the behaviour and attitude of our employees.
No longer is the situation now! In the last 5-6 years the entire scenario has changed. Let us see why and what we need to do here!


Recently in past 10-15 years, there have been many revolutions in the field of telecom and computer technologies, which have brought in the market a large number of new equipment of larger capacities with more and more varieties of telecom services. The installation and commissioning of the equipment has become easier and faster. The costs of Equipment, such as Switching and Transmission systems, have also gone down drastically with the availability of higher capacity systems, resulting in greater and easier availability of telecom services in the telecom network. This has opened a tremendous scope for business opportunities in the field of telecom. Behavior And Attitude


Along with the revolution in manufacturing and supply of telecom equipment came the era of privatization of telecom services world over.

The Government of India has changed its policies to permit entry of private operators to meet the increasing demands and to bring healthy competition in telecom business.

The entry of Private Operators in telecom services has been allowed since 1994.
The private companies are bringing the competition in the form of
Newer technologies, newer services.
Better and advanced planning,
Financial resources and business attitudes, and
Most IMPORTANT of all, a better-visible and recognizable customer care to attract more and more customers towards them to expand their business.


• The above changes in the environment, in and around our department, has made it necessary for all of us to think and undergo changes to meet the new challenges, which we are facing. These changes in our department are being brought by induction of new technologies, new equipment, and new skills.
• But most important of all is bringing change in the behaviour and attitude of the people to cope up with the competitions posed in the new environment.
• This is necessary because the market forces would affect our customer base and us.
• Losing our old customers and inability to attract the prospective customers would affect our profitability, which may in turn affect our pay and allowances.

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