NCLEX RN Practice Questions | NCLEX RN Quiz

1 >>The client who had surgery on the right elbow has no right radial pulse and the fingers are cold, the client complains of tingling, and she cannot move the fingers of the right hand. Which intervention should the nurse implement first? ?

  • (A) Document the findings in the client’s chart.
  • (B) Elevate the client’s right hand.
  • (C) Assess the radial pulse with the Doppler.
  • (D) Notify the client’s healthcare provider.

2 >>The HCP writes an order for the client with a fractured right hip to ambulate with a walker four times per day. Which action should the nurse implement? ?

  • (A) Tell the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) to ambulate the client with the walker.
  • (B) Request a referral to the physical therapy department.
  • (C) Obtain a walker that is appropriate for the client’s height.
  • (D) Notify the social worker of the HCP’s order for a walker.

3 >>Which task would be most appropriate for the nurse to delegate to the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) working on a surgical unit? ?

  • (A) Escort the client to the smoking area outside.
  • (B) Obtain vital signs on a newly admitted client.
  • (C) Administer a feeding to the client with a gastrostomy tube.
  • (D) Check the toes of a client who just had a cast application.

4 >>The licensed practical nurse (LPN) is working in a surgical rehabilitation unit. Which nursing task would be most appropriate for the LPN to implement? ?

  • (A) Bathe the client who is incontinent of urine.
  • (B) Document the amount of food the client eats.
  • (C) Conduct the afternoon bingo game in the lobby.
  • (D) Perform routine dressing changes on assigned clients.

5 >>The unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) is changing a full sharps container in the client’s room. Which action should the nurse implement? ?

  • (A) Tell the UAP she cannot change the sharps container.
  • (B) Explain the housekeeping department changes the sharps containers.
  • (C) Praise the UAP for taking the initiative to change the sharps container.
  • (D) Report the behavior to the clinical manager on the unit.

6 >>The unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) tells the nurse the client who is 5 hours postoperative for an L-3/L-4 laminectomy is complaining of feeling numbness in both feet. Which intervention should the nurse implement? ?

  • (A) Ask the UAP to take the client’s vital signs.
  • (B) Request the UAP to log roll the client to the right side.
  • (C) Complete the neurovascular assessment on the client’s legs.
  • (D) Contact the physical therapist to check the client.

7 >>The ED nurse is requesting a bed in the intensive care unit (ICU). The ICU charge nurse must request a transfer of one client from the ICU to the surgical unit to make room for the client coming into the ICU from the ED. Which client should the ICU charge nurse request to transfer to the surgical unit? ?

  • (A) The client diagnosed with flail chest who has just come from the operating room with a right-sided chest tube.
  • (B) The client diagnosed with acute diverticulitis who is 1 day postoperative for creation of a sigmoid colostomy.
  • (C) The client who is 1 day postoperative for total hip replacement (THR) whose incisional dressing is dry and intact.
  • (D) The client who is 2 days postoperative for repair of a fractured femur and who has had a fat embolism.

8 >>A terrible storm causes the electricity to go out in the hospital and the emergency generator lights come on. Which action should the charge nurse implement? ?

  • (A) Request all family members to leave the hospital as soon as possible.
  • (B) Instruct the staff to plug critical electrical equipment into the red outlets.
  • (C) Have the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) place a portable flashlight on each bedside table.
  • (D) Contact the maintenance department to determine how long the electricity will be out.

9 >>The HCP is angry and yelling in the nurse’s station because the client’s laboratory data are not available. Which action should the charge nurse implement first? ?

  • (A) Contact the laboratory for the client’s results.
  • (B) Ask the HCP to step into the nurse’s office.
  • (C) Tell the HCP to discuss the issue with the laboratory.
  • (D) Report the HCP’s behavior to the chief nursing officer.

10 >>The staff nurse is concerned about possible increasing infection rates among clients with peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs). The nurse has noticed several clients with problems in the last few months. Which action would be appropriate for the staff nurse to implement first? ?

  • (A) Discuss the infections with the chief nursing officer.
  • (B) Contact the infection control nurse to discuss the problem.
  • (C) Assume the employee health nurse is monitoring the situation.
  • (D) Volunteer to be on an ad hoc committee to research the infection rate.

11 >>The charge nurse on the 30-bed surgical unit has been told to send one staff member to the medical unit. The surgical unit is full, with multiple clients who require custodial care. Which staff member would be most appropriate to send to the medical unit? ?

  • (A) Send the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) who has worked on the surgical unit for 5 years.
  • (B) Send the RN who has worked in the hospital for 8 years in a variety of areas.
  • (C) Send the licensed practical nurse (LPN) who has 3 years of experience, which includes 6 months on the medical unit.
  • (D) Send the new graduate nurse who is orienting to the surgical unit.

12 >>The nurse educator is discussing fire safety with new employees. List in order of performance the following actions the nurse should teach to ensure the safety of clients and employees in the case of fire on the unit. ?

  • (A) Extinguish.
  • (B) Rescue.
  • (C) Confine.
  • (D) Alert.

13 >>The client tells the nurse, “I am having surgery on my right knee.” However, the operative permit is for surgery on the left knee. Which action should the nurse implement first? ?

  • (A) Notify the operating room team.
  • (B) Initiate the time-out procedure.
  • (C) Clarify the correct extremity with the client.
  • (D) Call the surgeon to discuss the discrepancy.

14 >>The older adult client fell and fractured her left femur. The nurse finds the client crying, and she tells the nurse, “I don’t want to go to the nursing home but my son says I have to.” Which response would be most appropriate by the nurse? ?

  • (A) “Let me call a meeting of the healthcare team and your son.”
  • (B) “Has the social worker talked to you about this already?”
  • (C) “Why are you so upset about going to the nursing home?”
  • (D) “I can see you are upset. Would you like to talk about it?”

15 >>The client is confused and pulling at the IV and indwelling catheter. Which order from the HCP should the nurse clarify concerning restraining the client? ?

  • (A) Restrain the client’s wrists, as needed.
  • (B) Offer the client fluids every 2 hours.
  • (C) Apply a hand mitt to the arm opposite the IV site for 12 hours.
  • (D) Check circulation of the restrained limb every 2 hours.

16 >>The charge nurse on a 20-bed surgical unit has one RN, two licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and two unlicensed assistive personnel (UAPs) for a 12-hour shift. Which task would be an inappropriate delegation of assignments? ?

  • (A) The RN will perform the shift assessments.
  • (B) The LPN should administer all IVP medications.
  • (C) The UAP will complete all a.m. care.
  • (D) The RN will monitor laboratory values.

17 >>The head nurse is completing the yearly performance evaluation on a nurse. Which data regarding the nurse’s performance should be included in the evaluation? ?

  • (A) The number of times the nurse has been tardy.
  • (B) The attitude of the nurse at the client’s bedside.
  • (C) The thank you notes the nurse received from clients.
  • (D) The chart audits of the clients for whom the nurse cared.

18 >>The nurse is discharging the 72-year-old client who is 5 days postoperative for repair of a fractured hip with comorbid medical conditions. At this time, which referral would be the most appropriate for the nurse to make for this client? ?

  • (A) To a home healthcare agency.
  • (B) To a senior citizen center.
  • (C) To a rehabilitation facility.
  • (D) To an outpatient physical therapist.

19 >>The nurse is caring for clients on a 12-bed intermediate care surgical unit. Which task should the nurse implement first? ?

  • (A) Reinsert the nasogastric tube for the client who has pulled it out.
  • (B) Complete the preoperative checklist for the client scheduled for surgery.
  • (C) Instruct the client who is being discharged home about colostomy care.
  • (D) Change the client’s surgical dressing that has a 20 cm area of drainage.

20 >>The nurse is preparing to administer medications to clients on a surgical unit. Which medication should the nurse question administering? ?

  • (A) The antiplatelet clopidogrel (Plavix) to a client scheduled for surgery.
  • (B) The anticoagulant enoxaparin (Lovenox) to a client who had a TKR.
  • (C) The sliding scale insulin Humalog to a client who had a Whipple procedure.
  • (D) The aminoglycoside vancomycin to a client allergic to the antibiotic penicillin.

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