NCLEX RN Practice Questions | NCLEX RN Quiz

NCLEX RN Practice Questions | NCLEX RN Quiz

As we know that the National Council Licensure Examination i.e. NCLEX is an exam for those candidates who want to make their career in field of nursing profession. There are 2 types of NCLEX test i.e. the NCLEX-RN and the NCLEX-PN. The NCLEX-RN test for registered nurses and the NCLEX-PN for practical nurses (or licensed vocational nurse (LVN)). The NCSBN i.e. National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. authority is developed NCLEX test. These test are designed for those candidates who want to serve their duties in field of medical nurse and this test also evaluate the knowledge, skills and abilities essential for the safe and effective practice of nursing at the entry level.

Here we serve some most important questions for NCLEX RN Test. NCLEX RN Practice Questions | NCLEX RN Quiz

1 >>The charge nurse on the pediatric unit hears the overhead announcement of Code Pink (infant abduction), newborn nursery. Which action should the charge nurse implement? ?

  • (A) Send a staff member to the newborn nursery.
  • (B) Explain the situation to the clients and visitors.
  • (C) Continue with the charge nurse’s responsibilities.
  • (D) Station a staff member at all the unit exits.

2 >>The mother of a 4-year-old child diagnosed with Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy is overwhelmed and asks the nurse, “I have been told a case manager will come and talk to me. What will they do for me?” Which statement indicates the nurse understands the role of the case manager? ?

  • (A) “You will have a case manager so that the hospital can save money.”
  • (B) “She will make sure your child gets the right medication for muscular dystrophy.”
  • (C) “She will help you find the resources you need to care for your child.”
  • (D) “The case manager helps your child to have a normal life expectancy.”

3 >>The nurse is assigned to the pediatric unit performance improvement committee. The unit is concerned with IV infection rates. Which action should the nurse implement first when investigating the problem? ?

  • (A) Contact central supply for samples of IV start kits.
  • (B) Obtain research to determine the best length for IV dwell time.
  • (C) Identify how many IV infections have occurred in the last year.
  • (D) Audit the charts to determine if hospital policy is being followed.

4 >>The clinic nurse is discussing a tubal ligation with a 17-year-old adolescent with Down syndrome. The adolescent does not want the surgery, but her parents (who are also in the room) are telling her she must have it. Which statement by the nurse would be an example of the ethical principle of justice? ?

  • (A) “I think this requires further discussion before scheduling this procedure.”
  • (B) “You will not be able to have children after you have this procedure.”
  • (C) “You should have this procedure because you could not care for a child.”
  • (D) “You can refuse this procedure and your parents can’t make you have it.”

5 >>The school nurse has referred an 8-year-old student for further evaluation of vision. The single mother has told the school nurse she does not have the money for the evaluation or glasses. Which action by the nurse would be an example of client advocacy? ?

  • (A) Tell the mother the child cannot read the board.
  • (B) Refer the mother to a local service organization.
  • (C) Ask the mother if the family is on Medicaid.
  • (D) Loan the mother money for the examination.

6 >>The emergency department (ED) nurse is scheduling the 16-year-old client for an emergency appendectomy. Which intervention should the nurse implement when obtaining permission for the surgery? ?

  • (A) Withhold the narcotic pain medication until the client signs the permit.
  • (B) Have the client’s parent or legal guardian sign the operative permit.
  • (C) Explain the procedure to the client and the parents in simple terms.
  • (D) Get a visitor from the ED waiting area to witness the parent’s signature.

7 >>The unit manager has been notified by central supply that many client items are missing from stock and have not been charged to the client. Which action should the nurse manager implement regarding the lost charges? ?

  • (A) Send out a memo telling the staff to follow the charge procedures.
  • (B) Form a performance improvement committee to study the problem.
  • (C) Determine whether the items in question are being restocked daily.
  • (D) Schedule a staff meeting to discuss how to prevent further lost charges.

8 >>Which child’s behavior warrants notifying the child developmental specialist? ?

  • (A) The 1-year-old child who cries when the parent leaves the room.
  • (B) The 2-year-old child who can talk in two- or three-word sentences.
  • (C) The 3-year-old child who is toilet trained for bowel and bladder.
  • (D) The 4-year-old child who throws frequent temper tantrums.

9 >>Which child should the nurse assign to the new graduate who has just completed orientation to the pediatric unit? ?

  • (A) The 5-year-old child admitted in a sickle cell crisis whose patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pump is not controlling the child’s pain.
  • (B) The 6-year-old child in Russell’s traction for a fractured femur who has insertion pin sites that are inflamed and infected.
  • (C) The 12-year-old child who is newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes who needs medication teaching.
  • (D) The 16-year-old female diagnosed with scoliosis who is being admitted for insertion of a spinal rod in the morning.

10 >>Which action by the emergency department (ED) nurse warrants intervention by the charge nurse? ?

  • (A) The nurse is elevating the right arm of a child who appears to have fractured the wrist.
  • (B) The nurse is notifying Child Protective Services for a child who is suspected of being sexually abused.
  • (C) The nurse is assessing the tonsils on a 4-year-old child who has a sore throat and is drooling.
  • (D) The nurse is obtaining a midstream urine specimen for the child who is complaining of burning upon urination.

11 >>Which interventions should the nurse implement to help establish a nurse/parent relationship? Select all that apply. ?

  • (A) Include the parents when developing the plan of care for their child.
  • (B) Encourage the parents to hold their child as much as possible.
  • (C) Allow the parents to verbalize their feelings of fear and anxiety.
  • (D) Tell the parents to never leave while the child is hospitalized.

12 >>The nurse is caring for clients on the pediatric unit. Which child would warrant a referral to the early childhood development specialist? ?

  • (A) The 9-month-old child who says only “mama” or “dada.”
  • (B) The 11-month-old child who walks hanging onto furniture.
  • (C) The 8-month-old child who sits by leaning forward on both hands.
  • (D) The 4-month-old infant who turns from the abdomen to the back.

13 >>The 10-year-old child diagnosed with leukemia is scheduled for a bone marrow aspiration. Which intervention is most important when obtaining informed consent for the procedure? ?

  • (A) Obtain assent from the child.
  • (B) Have the parent sign the permit.
  • (C) Refer any questions to the HCP.
  • (D) Witness the signature on the permit.

14 >>The 13-year-old client has just delivered a 4-pound baby boy. The stepfather of the client becomes verbally abusive to the nurse when he is asked to leave the room. The client is withdrawn and silent. Which legal action should the nurse implement? ?

  • (A) Call hospital security to come to the room.
  • (B) Contact Child Protective Services.
  • (C) Refer the child to the social worker.
  • (D) Ask the client whether she feels safe at home.

15 >>The fire alarm on the pediatric unit has just started sounding. Which action should the charge nurse implement first? ?

  • (A) Call the hospital operator to find out the location of the fire.
  • (B) Ensure that all visitors and clients are in the room with the door closed.
  • (C) Prepare to evacuate the clients and visitors down the stairs.
  • (D) Make a list of which clients are not currently on the unit.

16 >>A nurse overhears two other nurses talking about a client in the hospital dining room. Which action should the nurse implement first? ?

  • (A) Notify the HIPAA officer about the breach of confidentiality.
  • (B) Immediately report the two nurses to their clinical manager.
  • (C) Document the situation in writing and submit to the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO).
  • (D) Tell the two nurses they are violating the client’s confidentiality.

17 >>The nurse is caring for newborns in the nursery. Which newborn warrants immediate intervention by the nurse? ?

  • (A) The 8-hour-old newborn who has not passed meconium.
  • (B) The 15-hour-old newborn who is slightly jaundiced.
  • (C) The 4-hour-old newborn who is jittery and irritable.
  • (D) The 10-hour-old newborn who will not stop crying.

18 >>The nurse who has never worked on the maternity ward has been pulled from the surgical unit to work in the newborn nursery. Which assignment would be most appropriate for the nurse to accept? ?

  • (A) Perform an assessment on the newborn.
  • (B) Assist the pediatrician with a circumcision.
  • (C) Gavage feed a newborn who is 8 hours old.
  • (D) Transport newborns to the mothers’ room.

19 >>The nurse is instructing the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) on gross motor skill activity that is appropriate for a developmentally delayed 9-month-old infant. Which activity should the nurse delegate to the UAP? ?

  • (A) Help the child to sit without support.
  • (B) Teach the child to catch the beach ball.
  • (C) Reward the child with food for sitting up.
  • (D) Teach the child to blow a kiss.

20 >>Which incident should the primary nurse report to the clinical manager concerning a violation of information technology guidelines? ?

  • (A) The nurse keeps the computer screen turned away from public view.
  • (B) The nurse researches medications using the online formulary.
  • (C) The nurse shares the computer access code with another nurse.
  • (D) The nurse logs off the computer when leaving the terminal.

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