NCLEX PN Practice Questions | NCLEX PN Quiz

1 >>An infant is hospitalized for treatment of botulism. Which factor is associated with botulism in the infant? ?

  • (A) The infant sucks on his fingers and toes.
  • (B) The mother sweetens the infant’s cereal with honey.
  • (C) The infant was switched to soy-based formula.
  • (D) The infant’s older sibling has an aquarium.

2 >>A nurse is assessing a client hospitalized with peptic ulcer disease. Which finding should be reported to the charge nurse immediately? ?

  • (A) BP 82/60, pulse 120
  • (B) Pulse 68, respirations 24
  • (C) BP 110/88, pulse 56
  • (D) Pulse 82, respirations 16

3 >>The nurse is teaching the client with AIDS regarding proper food preparation. Which statement indicates that the client needs further teaching? ?

  • (A) “I should avoid adding pepper to food after it is cooked.”
  • (B) “I can still have an occasional medium-rare steak.”
  • (C) “Eating cheese and yogurt won’t help prevent AIDSrelated diarrhea.”
  • (D) “I should eat fruits and vegetables that can be peeled.”

4 >>A client taking Laniazid (isoniazid) asks the nurse how long she must take the medication before her sputum cultures will return to normal. The nurse recognizes that the client should have a negative sputum culture within: ?

  • (A) 2 weeks
  • (B) 6 weeks
  • (C) 2 months
  • (D) 3 months

5 >>Which person is at greatest risk for developing Lyme’s disease? ?

  • (A) Computer technician
  • (B) Middle-school teacher
  • (C) Dog trainer
  • (D) Forestry worker

6 >>Following eruption of the primary teeth, the mother can promote chewing by giving the toddler: ?

  • (A) Pieces of hot dog
  • (B) Celery sticks
  • (C) Melba toast
  • (D) Grapes

7 >>A client scheduled for an exploratory laparotomy tells the nursethat she takes kava-kava (piper methysticum)for sleep. The nurse should notify the doctor because kava-kava: ?

  • (A) Increases the effects of anesthesia and post-operative analgesia
  • (B) Eliminates the need for antimicrobial therapy following surgery
  • (C) Increases urinary output, so a urinary catheter will be needed post-operatively
  • (D) Depresses the immune system, so infection is more of a problem

8 >> The nurse is teaching circumcision care to the mother of a newborn. Which statement indicates that the mother needs further teaching? ?

  • (A) “I will apply a petroleum gauze to the area once a day.”
  • (B) “I will clean the area carefully with each diaper change.”
  • (C) “I can place a heat lamp next to the area to speed up the healing process.”
  • (D) “I should carefully observe the area for signs of infection.”

9 >>The chart of a client hospitalized with a fractured femur reveals that the client is colonized with MRSA. The nurse knows that the client: ?

  • (A) Will not display symptoms of infection
  • (B) Is less likely to have an infection
  • (C) Can be placed in the room with others
  • (D) Cannot colonize others with MRSA

10 >>A client is admitted with Clostridium difficile. The nurse would expect the client to have: ?

  • (A) Diarrhea containing blood and mucus
  • (B) Cough, fever, and shortness of breath
  • (C) Anorexia, weight loss, and fever
  • (D) Development of deep leg ulcers

11 >>An elderly client asks the nurse how often he will need to receive immunizations against pneumonia. The nurse should tell the client that she will need an immunization against pneumonia: ?

  • (A) Every year
  • (B) Every 2 years
  • (C) Every 5 years
  • (D) Every 10 years

12 >>The nurse is caring for a client following a right nephrolithotomy. Post-operatively, the client should be positioned: ?

  • (A) On the right side
  • (B) Supine
  • (C) On the left side
  • (D) Prone

13 >>A nursing assistant is referred to the employee health office with symptoms of latex allergy. The first symptom usually noticed by those with latex allergy is: ?

  • (A) Oral itching after eating bananas
  • (B) Swelling of the eyes and mouth
  • (C) Difficulty breathing
  • (D) Swelling and itching of the hands

14 >>Acticoat (silver nitrate) dressings are applied to the arms and chest of a client with full-thickness burns. The nurse should: ?

  • (A) Change the dressings once per shift
  • (B) Moisten the dressings with sterile water
  • (C) Change the dressings only when they become soiled
  • (D) Moisten the dressings with normal saline

15 >>A client is diagnosed with stage III Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The nurse recognizes that the client has involvement: ?

  • (A) In a single lymph node or single site
  • (B) In more than one node or single organ on the same side of the diaphragm
  • (C) In lymph nodes on both sides of the diaphragm
  • (D) In disseminated organs and tissues

16 >>A client has been receiving Rheumatrex (methotrexate) for severe rheumatoid arthritis. The nurse should tell the client to avoid taking: ?

  • (A) Aspirin
  • (B) Multivitamins
  • (C) Omega 3 and omega 6 fish oils
  • (D) Acetaminophen

17 >>A suitable diet for a client with cirrhosis and abdominal ascites is one that is: ?

  • (A) High in sodium, low in calories
  • (B) Low in potassium, high in calories
  • (C) High in protein, high in calories
  • (D) Low in calcium, low in calories

18 >>A client with gallstones in the gall bladder is scheduled for lithotripsy. For the procedure, the client will be placed: ?

  • (A) In a prone position
  • (B) In a supine position
  • (C) In a side-lying position
  • (D) In a recumbent position

19 >>A client with rheumatoid arthritis is being treated with daily steroid medication. Which food should the client avoid? ?

  • (A) Raw oysters
  • (B) Cottage cheese
  • (C) Baked chicken
  • (D) Green beans

20 >>A client tells the nurse that she takes St. John’s wort (hypericum perforatum) three times a day for mild depression.The nurse should tell the client that: ?

  • (A) St. John’s wort seldom relieves depression.
  • (B) She should avoid eating cold cuts and aged cheese.
  • (C) Skin reactions increase with the use of sunscreens.
  • (D) St. John’s wort will increase the amount of medication needed.

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